Marshall Lee is the mirror image of Kellin Quinn, 18 years old, a senior in Acme Academy, comes from the Adventure Time series, and is known as The Guitarist.

Marshall Lee is just like his cousin Marceline; the two could be twins. Marshall Lee is the kind of guy who does what he wants for himself and he doesn’t care much about what others have to say about it. He has a lot of confidence and a laid back attitude that just draws people in. He’s a master on the bass and his voice could give Marceline a run for her money. Marshall Lee is a true musician; he’s never one to talk about his real feelings, but he’s been one to sing his heart out from time to time. He doesn’t like people knowing how sensitive he can be; he loves coming off as tough and cool. He’s a bit of a smart ass and he loves to get under people’s skin.

Believe it or not, Marshall Lee is a good friend. He loves hanging out and having a good time. He tries to avoid drama; he thinks it’s lame.  He’d rather just chill and ignore all of his problems. Marshall Lee likes to make the impression that he has tough skin, but he’s afraid of being a failure and letting people down. He has a poor relationship with his mom and somewhere down the road, he realized the only way he couldn’t let people down was to stop trying to please them. Sometimes, Marshall Lee doesn’t have it as together as he seems. But he’s not one to go looking for help; the last thing he wants is to be someone’s problem.

↳ The current status of this role is unavailable


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